Sunday, April 15, 2012

Odds and Ends

Over the trip, I've experienced somethings that quite don't make a post but they are quite funny or interesting.  So here are some odds and ends.

-They use coins more than bills for currency. There is a two pound coin, one pound coin, 50 pence (p), 20p, 10p, 5p, 2p and 1p. If change is less than a fiver (5 pounds), then you get change back. At first, I did not like this, but the next odds and ends changed my mind.

-You have to pay to use the public toilets and it could be 20p or 30p therefore you need the coins. In a span of a couple of hours, I learned quickly what coins I needed.

-On the train to Edinboro, I was asked twice by two different people if I was "uni." I asked Kristy for a translation and she said they thought I was a college student. That made my trip.

-People are very friendly here except bus drivers. They don't like people asking questions I suppose.

-Some word translations:
Bin is trashcan
Car Park is parking lot or garage
Loo is bathroom
Queue is waiting line
Rubbish is trash
Hill should mean mountain. The hills here are ridiculous.
Royal Mail is the equivalent of the US Postal Service. It does not mean you place your letter to the Queen there.
Dram is a shot.
Cheers is a friendly way to say goodbye.
No worries is the same as you're welcome.
Crisps are chips.
Chips are fries.
Tatties are potatoes. Neeps are turnips.
To do something on the fly is the same as on the go.
They don't have brunch here.
They don't eat pancakes for breakfast. It's for afternoon tea on the fly.
Third floor usually means top floor unless its an office building or hotel.
Quid or bone is the same as pound.

-When crossing the street, you go when it says you go. Learned that quickly and yes I'm okay.

-It rains/hails/snows about every half hour. And then its sunny.

That's all for now. There might be another edition later.



  1. I'm taking notes - in case I ever get to visit Scotland myself. :-)
    And, sure am glad to hear that you are okay after crossing the street.

  2. Hail and snow? Seriously? Guess the humid 80's we're having today is making that hard to imagine.

  3. I like this one... the crisps/chips/fries made me laugh.