Wednesday, April 18, 2012

More Odds and Ends

It's another edition of odds and ends.

- Baddies are criminals or bad people.

- British game shows are either re-runs from the 80's or have hosts with hair that never left the 80's.

- Take-away is takeout.

- Sit-in is staying in restaurant.

- Glaswegians (people from Glasgow) speak faster than other areas.

- Cuddle is a hug.

- There are birds everywhere.  I don't like birds.

- Chew/Chewies is gum.

- Sweeties is candy or chocolate.

- CCTV is everywhere (camera security system) and I mean everywhere, except bathrooms.  I've waved at a few cameras.  I hope my friendliness won't get me stopped at the airport.

- It's not 15 after 10 o'clock, it's 15 past 10.

- People are super friendly here but they ask you a million questions. Doesn't matter if there is a line behind you, the sales clerk wants to know everything about you. 

- When you order a hot drink here, its more like "nuclear" hot drink. I think that's why they eat bland foods here. They have no taste buds left.

- An elevator here does not hold the amount of people it says it can. Unless you are stick people with no bags.

- Don't bump the elevator door inside the elevator when it comes to your floor. It will open on its own. It takes offense and does not open if you bump it. It's okay. We made it out safely.

- Not all Scotsmen look like James McAvoy or Sean Connery.  Sorry ladies. I've looked. And not all Scotsmen have beards which was a letdown. I did see one guy who, for me, is what I pictured a Scotmans to be. But it would have looked like stalking on CCTV.  So it looks like I'm coming home less a Scotsman.

- Sara is pronounced "Sere-da" here. I like it. I may go with it.

That's all for now....there may be more.


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