Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day One Summary - We're going to Scotland!

Ok, day one. Lisa and I flew out of DC at 10p EST. As we got to the doors, the attendant tells us we've been upgraded. Ohhhh-kay. So instead of mere economy seats, we had deluxe economy seats. Not first class where we could really recline but really great. Slept so-so on flight. When we landed in London it was literally non stop to catch our next flight. We had to go through security again but we got our stamp. And then we got on our plane to Aberdeen. I slept better on that flight. Deboarding the plane, we had to take the outdoor flight of stairs like in the movies. Fresh air! It was heaven after traveling so long.  Kristy's uncle and aunt met us and we hopped into cars and off we went. Roundabouts. They really should be called "everycarcomingatyoufromalldirections." Then we got to our flat,  deposited our luggage, checked out the local co-op for some food and got some fish and chips. We turned in early because Friday we head out to Edinburgh.


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